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Build Outs and Upgrades

The picture to the right was taken inside the cage of a  technology center co-location being built by my team.  On the right are 4 HP9000 4x L3xxx Series Servers running HP-UX.

On the left are 18 Intel servers running Windows Server.  Also in the cage but not pictured are an IBM iSeries 8xx and an EMC Symmetrics Drive Array.

This center was designed to run retail business applications in a highly available environment for multiple store locations.

Technology Center

Consulting Services

Has your present technology center outgrown its environment?

Is your equipment too old to support new technology such as Windows 10?

Have your software upgrades and your operating system upgrades gotten out of sync and are now requiring major overhauls?

Have you decided to build a co-location to house a test platform?

If you answered yes to one or all of the above, you need to fill out the contact form and ask for an analysis of your current situation and how we can manage any or all of these types of projects so that you experience little or no down time.

Plan and Manage Projects

System Administration

If your business is large enough to require installing a server but your budget does not have room for a full time system administrator - we can help.  Our system admin services are available on an as needed basis.  If you have a busy season, such as tax time for CPA’s, you might want to consider Premium Service which requires a quarterly retainer and assures Fast response time.  For less hectic quarters, a Silver Service Plan which is on an as needed basis may be best.